Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's alive...

OK so it's been over a year since I created this and NOW I'm doing my second post. At the time I thought I wanted to do this, but I wasn't ready. Now, I hope, I am. A lot of it had to do with the fact that I have a new job. I am now the Instructional Tech Coordinator at Downers Grove South, a position created with the departure of Dave Jakes. I took this job in August and, my, has it been a whirlwind.
In July, I attended Blackboard World in Vegas, learned a great deal more about Bb, and won a grand at the Blackjack tables. My school year began with the pains of adopting a new grade book program. Much of my first month was putting out fires and helping the staff get used to the new system...and learning my new job...which, I am guessing, will never end.

MORE TRAVELING This new position affords me the ability to a bit more on the road. So here was the schedule:

1, Did a workshop at Crystal Lake District 47. Had a lot of fun helping elementary teachers work through DST and get to know PhotoStory 3. Also had the chance to talk to Annette Lamb a, what a powerhouse!
2, Cross Lutheran School in Yorkville. Spent the afternoon with a great group of teachers, helping them identify and use some free Web 2.0 tools.

1. Did a workshop at the University School in Milwaukee. WOW, what a facility; what a staff. I felt like I was in Dead Poets Society. Did DST all only regret is that I couldn't see all the other great presentations. This is where I learned about creating personalized search engines from Alan November.
2. Attended T+L in Seattle...Great conference, GREAT city. David Warlick introduced me to Tag Crowd...what a great little tool! Ate a ton of smoked salmon...and threw one at the Pike St. Market.

1. Tech Forum Austin. Judy Salpeter ALWAYS puts on a great conference, and she gave me the opportunity to present with David Warlick and Meg Ormiston (After all this time I FINALLY get to get to know Meg) on examples of 21st century skills. Then she hooked me up with Juan Orozco from TX and we did a "DST Showcase." It's always great to meet another passionate educator who really "gets" DST. Then I got to do my own thing in "Turbo-Charged Wikis." At least I got to listen to Sheryl Nussbaum Beach do the keynote...very inspiring.
2. And just last week, I got to attend and present at IETC in Springfield again. Did "Turbo-Charged Wikis" again, but more important, I had the opportunity to reconnect with many great people at the conference including (but not limited to) Jim O'Hagan, Beth Burke, Ben Grey, Scott Meech, Kathleen Molloy, Scott Weidig, Bob Small, Rena Shiflet, Danielle Brush, as well as the good people from DEN. I also got to make some new friends as well.

The Tipping Point: The more I talked to people throughout my travels, the more I realized I I needed to "Walk the Walk" as a tech coordinator. So I am now Blogging for DLE, I am now on Twitter, and, yes, I am back here. If I am going to be a tech leader for my school, I need to do a better job tapping the innovative intelligence out there. Also I need to do a better job putting what I know out there.

So, now that I have it out there I ask two things:

Be gentle.

Keep me honest.